zaida adriana goveo balmaseda
fiber artist | concoctionist | maker | meditator

My practice weaves together fiber-art, soft sculpture, material rescue/transformation, cultural research, and meditative processes.
The intimate documentation through video, audio and still images is an integral part of the creative process and final presentation.

Since childhood I have been interested in the alchemical quality of handicrafts and the versatility of fiber. In my studies I honor small everyday items that often go unnoticed by spending time with them and making them -matter-. I am continuously exploring the wonders of a committed, laborious practice and celebrating the magical process of meditative making.

My current work explores themes of ritual, transformation, slowing down, connection, and sacred space.

I am presently creating/collaborating/living between Puerto Rico, and Barcelona (Spain). You can contact me at and/or follow my adventures on Instagram.

My hands: a vehicle of slow and mindful creation– transforming humble materials into unique textile topographies.

My ingredients: organic, recycled or gathered fibers, and plant colors cooked up in my studio– locally sourced whenever possible. Elevated through techniques discovered during stream-of-consciousness making exercises combined with experiments rooted in traditional artisanal crafts.

My work: a hands-on manifesto of the symbiotic relationship we can have with nature, what we make, wear, and eat.


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