zaida adriana goveo balmaseda
fiber artist | concoctionist | maker | meditator

Since childhood I’ve been interested in the alchemical quality of handcrafts, the versatility of fibers and textiles, the spaces they hold, and the stories they tell us. Through these, I study, represent, and honor the symbiotic relationship we can have with ourselves, our materials, what we create, what we eat, and our environment.

My exploration is often rooted in traditional artisanal techniques to which I have a cultural or familial connection; and it is developed through experiments with organic, recycled, or gathered fibers, the rituals and movements of conscious and meditative creation, what happens when we come together and observe each other, and our perception-of and relationship-with time.

My practice is intense, manual, and slow; highlighting the magic of the process, the journey, and the energy invested in transforming humble materials into rich textile topographies. In my studies I honor small everyday items that often go unnoticed by spending time with them and making them -matter-. The installations that emerge are sacred spaces where soft sculpture, material rescue/transformation, cultural research, audiovisual documentation, meditation, contemplative movement, and ritual and ceremony converge.

I am an alum from the Central School of Visual Arts, and hold a BFA in Knitwear from FIT (New York & Italy). I have been a resident artist at the Textile Arts Center, Beta Local’s La PrácticaarteFITS Foundation, and most recently, The Studios at MASSMoCA. From 2018-2019 I was a fellow at succurro (where we explore creativity and healing). I was also a recipient of the Lexus Grant for Artists thanks to which I exhibited my piece ‘SOL’ at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in 2018.

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